CACF Comes Through

Again, the Central Alabama Community Foundation has awarded The Kelly grants to make improvements to our local community. Of the over $100,000 in grant money available, The Kelly was honored to receive two awards, picked up by Registrar Alyssa Spaulding.

The first award is $3000 to start our Green Space project. At this point, we have the picnic table and some bushes out the back door. Eventually, we hope to turn it into a seated sculpture garden with new benches, which will blend in with the City of Wetumpka’s Pocket Park project. Work needs to be done to the cliff side as well.

The second award specifies $2,500 to provide at least four adult art classes in a multi-day workshop. Details are forthcoming in the the near future. Now that we have funds available, we can proceed.

Here are the many awards by the CACF. They are great supporters of all sorts of community efforts.