Sylvia McConnell Scholarship for Art

About the Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship is for a senior who attends an accredited High School in Elmore County and plans to study art in college. The scholarship application process is opened up in January of each year, and the scholarship itself is awarded in the spring.

Unlike many other scholarships, the Sylvia McConnell Scholarship is not necessarily geared towards academic achievement.  We hope to award this prize to a graduate who plans to study art in college and who is passionate about pursuing art as a career. The Award will be presented to the winning candidate by members of the Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery.

  1. Candidates must be a graduating senior at any accredited High School in Elmore County who is applying to attend an accredited college with the intention of majoring in Art.

  2. Candidates must have a GPA of C or above.

  3. Candidates must submit two reference letters. One must be from their Art Teacher and one from a community or church member who is well acquainted with the candidate.

  4. Certified copies of transcripts, ACT scores and colleges applied to should be provided by the Guidance Counselor.

  5. Candidates will answer three narrative questions provided in the application packet.

  6. In order to know the candidates better, we request that a thumb drive, photos or other digital documentation of their portfolios be submitted. This is not used to select the winner but to complement their application. All portfolio documentation will be returned to the candidates.

The $1000 scholarship is called the Sylvia McConnell Scholarship for Art in honor of the late Sylvia McConnell of Wetumpka.  Sylvia was one of the founding board members of The Kelly and served the Board as an officer for a number of years.  She supported The Kelly by active participation in all its events and experiences, by sponsorships, exhibiting her art collection, purchasing art, and volunteering as a docent.

As a career educator, education was near and dear to her heart.  She taught in Elmore County Schools for over 37 years as did her parents before her, as well as her sister and daughter-in-law.  Hundreds of graduates attribute her guidance and example as being the single factor that made the most difference in their high school careers.

Every year, The Kelly sells a limited edition print series of original John Kelly Fitzpatrick paintings. The sale proceeds of these prints directly fund the Sylvia McConnell Scholarship Program.

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