Arti Gras Makes $1000s

As a wonderful Kelly fundraiser, the Arti Gras 2024 drew a lot of interest and drew down a lot of art. Hosted by our great friends at the Wind Creek Casino, the crowds loved the penthouse suite with a sunset view from the balcony, adult beverages and New Orleans food they provided. We thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity.  This garners the Kelly in the range of $15,000-20,000, which is vital for our continued operation

.As in the past couple of years, one of the main draws is the art draw-down. Each ticket allows a minute to choose a piece of art to take home. There was a great variety donated by Kelly Art Associates and members. It’s always a joy for people to pick their own prizes!

As usual, some guests wore masks while others merely enjoyed the buffet, drinks and atmosphere.

Just a few of the masks…..or not!

To add to the fun, there is a mask contest, decided by a secret judge. And the winner is????? Our Registrar Alyssa Spaulding, who always looks great with or without her mask!

Alyssa Spaulding, Winner, Arti Gras 2024