Previous Exhibitions


Wetumpka Impact Crater Exhibit:
Meteors, Marine Life and Mind Blowing Dinosaurs

Southern Reflections from the Elmore County Art Guild:
Kathy Atchison, Doris Bell, Bobby Carr, Libby Christensen, Shirley Esco, Barbara Fitzgerald, Judy Lea Graves, Rebecca Grice, Carol Hickman, Marjorie Hinder, Manjular Kumar, Adelia Turner, Paula Wheat, Mary Jacobs

Abandoned Rural America
Angelina Bellebuono, Joseph Coggins, Elizabeth Collins, Charles St. John Dyer, Camera Hampton, Mary Leslie Hartman, Cassie Hawkins, Chuck Haynes, Don Jolley, Peter Muzyka, Mev Rozsman, Kate Sherril, Blake Smith, Eugene Swain, Sam Traina, Lisa Wheeler

The Land: God’s Gift:
Juried Exhibition
Kathy Atchison, Wanye Atchison, Carol Barksdale, Doris Bell, Libby Christensen, Shirley Esco, Carol Hickman, Mary Jacobs, Theresa Wayne

Priscilla Crommelin:
Life and Work

America The Beautiful:
Wayne Atchison, Kay Brummal, Barbara Bryan, Libby J. Christensen, Mitford A. Fontaine, Sue Mehearg and John H. Jacobs of Tennessee.  Guest curators Kathy Atchison and Libby J. Christensen.


Reflections from the River Region:
Stephen Capelli, Marguerite Edwards, Nan Cunningham, Rick Mills, Carol Barksdale, Kathy Atchison, Rebecca Grice, Libby Christenson, Mit Fontaine

When Dinosaurs Roamed: The Wetumpka Impact Crater
Karen Carr, Rick Spears, Asher Elbein, Jerry Armstrong, Jonathon Hughes, Larry Percy, Wayne Atchison
Fossil & Plant Exhibit

When Dinosaurs Roamed: The Wetumpka Impact Crater
Large Group Juried Exhibit

When Dinosaurs Roamed:
Lecture Series
June Ebersol, Dana Ehret, Larry Percy, Rick Spears, Jerry Armstrong, Karen Carr

When Dinosaurs Roamed:
School Tours
Wetumpka Elementary, Eclectic Elementary, Wetumpka Special Needs Class, Clanton Elementary, Wetumpka High School, Elmore County High School

Kaleidoscope 2015:
Shirley Esco, Melissa Tubbs, Tara Sartorius, Meredith Knight, Frances Beck Rodriguz, Adelia Turner

Hope Brannon, Patty Cartwright, Katie Rooks, Carol Rickard, Cindy Beumer, Jane Segrest

Elmore County Art Guild


Elmore County Art Guild

Art Walk:
Working By the River

Passages of Light:
Donna Pickens

Fabric of Life:
Elmore County Quilters

Alabama at Work
Hope Brannon, Carol Barksdale, Carol Hickman, Shirley Esco, Butch Gantt

Working by the River:
Lecture Series
Margaret Lynn Ausfeld, Karen (Kip) Henrick, Lynn Barstis Williams Katz

Panel Discussion With Descendants of Dixie Art Colony Members
Sally Lebron Holland, Martha Moon Kracke

Sparking the Arts

Emerging Artists of Elmore County:
Christine Hong & Brett Young

Kaleidoscope 2014: 
Nancy Hartsfield, Maryann Goodhue, Kathy Atchison, Sandra Hicks Larson, Lynn Schmidt, Sue Jensen, Carol Hickman, Mike Young

Coosa River Whitewater Festival Art Competition and Exhibit:
Hannah Beumer, Katie Rooks, Lucas Lynn, Josh Norrell, Cindy Beumer, Shirley Esco, Lynn Schmidt, Emily Labit, Gretta Beumer, Christine Hong


Lynn Schmidt, Alexander Schmidt

Meg Collier

Redbud Artists

Hobo Artists:
Adelia Turner, Robin Rogers, Kathy Atchison, Frances Arnold

Genius Loci: The Spirit of Place
Large Group Exhibit

Sparking the Arts:
Elmore County Student Exhibition

Elmore County Art Guild Exhibition

What a Wonderful World:
Large Group Exhibit

La Petit, Le Petite:
ECAG Members

Bobby Carr Retrospective

The Carr Legacy:
Wetumpka High School
Student Artists
Hope Brannon, Steve Garst, Mike Young, Randy Parker, Randy Payton, Butch Gantt, Lisa Estes Ledbetter, Barry Chrietzberg, Mark Harris, Doris Bell, Alice Jo Hendrix, Monju Kumar, Judy Lea, Barbara Fitzgerald


Bobby Carr’s Monday Painters:
Doris Bell, Alice Jo Hendrix, Monju Kumar, Judy Lea, Barbara Fitzgerald

Serving Up the South:
Large Group Exhibit

Lynn Schmidt, Alexander Schmidt

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