Digital Archives

Digital Archives

Digital gallery of historical texts and photos in The Kelly's permanent collection,
open to the public for research.

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Through generous donations, we have within our collections documents such as: newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, letters, and more.  These scrapbooks and documents tell the story of Kelly Fitzpatrick and his fellow artists’ successes in local and national art exhibitions, as well as the development of the organizations Kelly started like the Alabama Water Color Society, the Dixie Art Colony, the Alabama Art League, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

As a hybrid museum-gallery, we at The Kelly believe in acquiring, preserving, and displaying our collections for the public.  Thus, we would like to share these pieces of Alabama’s artistic history with you.

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We are in the long process of digitizing these collections, and we appreciate your patience in this endeavor. 
We will update this webpage with our progress.
Special Thanks to:

Angus Everton
Francis Arnold
John Hubbard Jr.

The Kelly will always appreciate your donations of these historical objects. Without your support, we would not be able to preserve and display these wonderful memories for public view.  Thank you always for your generosity!