Thanks to SPONSORS

We have the best art center imaginable because of all the support we have from our wonderful founders, patrons and sponsors. We couldn’t do it without you!! From our h’art, thank you ever so much!

Edward Lupempe representing Region’s Bank (on right).

So many other organizations stepped up as well. You’ve given so much to our whole community.

It’s difficult to thank each entity enough, but we were very happy to invite them to “Vodka and Venison,” a special reception with Chef Will’s (of Grumpy Dog) scrumptious delights:

venison meatballs, kebabs, and ragout; shrimp and mushrooms in puff pastry, and vodka sauce on ravioli, not forgetting some precious little salad bites and a very merry berry dessert. (YUM)

Mustn’t forget the extremely special cocktail.

Soooo good! OOPS–was it supposed to be a secret???? The magic was in the liquid smoke!

Hope everyone enjoyed it or the wine….consider the food a big hug and big thank-you from The Kelly!