Art Goes Outside

Art Associates, mark your calendar for a day En Plein Air. In French, that literally means “in full air” or more colloquially, “outside.” Bring your paints, easel and/or other supplies, a drink, and maybe a snack because you’ll be going to the country. Tra Cosby has generously offered access to his farm and beautiful old barn for this occasion, May 20, Saturday, starting 8 a.m. Rise and get ready to shine!

More details are available on the website calendar, and you can contact Jennifer or Alyssa in the gallery for directions and possibly a map this coming week. Call (334) 478-3366 or email Also, please be aware the the regular 4th Monday Studio Day has been canceled due to the upcoming move. The next one will be in June (in the NEW Kelly!!! How exciting is that?) See CONTACT

–LJ Christensen