Youthful Energy Permeates The Kelly

Last month, about 800 4th graders from all over Elmore County visited The Kelly. Coordinated by Education Chair Cookie Knott, the field trip highlighted black history. The Kelly staff showed works from several of the African-American artists in The Kelly’s permanent collection. Then these budding artists were given paper and crayons to depict something from their lives, perhaps something they really liked….one was straight forward:

Others liked nature and portraits, common artistic themes.

One of the favorite Wetumpka landscapes.

There were some abstract and iconic images.

Some did full-figure studies.

A few tried their hands at fantasy.

One even wrote a touching story about his dog.

Most left their artwork for display, but if you’re interested in buying, be sure to turn over the page. One or two are serious artists and know what it’s all about–they put a $15 price tag on the back!

To see more of this charming exhibit, visit our Children’s Workroom quickly before all are taken down!