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Wildlife Flies In Soon…or May Run or Crawl

In preparation for the second huge Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival, The Kelly will be displaying a new exhibit on wildlife art–actually two exhibits in one! First, we are hosting the Alabama Wildlife Fine Art Competition, a juried contest with a $10,000 award! It is sponsored by the Alabama Wildlife Foundation and LIV Development, based in Birmingham, in conjunction with The Kelly. The goal is to depict particular species of wildlife in Alabama:

Green-winged Teal Blue-winged Teal
Cinnamon Teal Mallard
Wood Duck Pintail
Redhead Canvasback
Mourning Dove Northern Bobwhite
Eastern Wild Turkey Coopers Hawk
Sharp-shinned Hawk Peregrine Falcon
Bobcat American Woodcock
Swallow-tailed Kite Coosa Bass (Redeye Bass)

However, the second group for Art Gone Wild is open to any wildlife and just may include rabbits, butterflies, dogs, even jellyfish and lizards!

The current Bridges and Rivers exhibit will be taken down next week, and the new one will open Sept. 28-Nov. 17, including the exciting Wildlife Festival on Saturday, Nov. 11. It’s bigger than last year, and the Dock Dogs and zoo animal artists are already lined up, along with vendors, chefs grilling wild meat, art demos, children’s activities and so much more. Put it on your calendar!