Contributions Climb

Thanks to The Kelly’s very generous sponsors, both large and small, the capital campaign fund for renovations has been climbing at a rapid pace. We still are a little short of the goal, though, so please remember to donate what you can!! makes it easy.

At the same time, the renovation itself is coming along apace. While no one will commit to a specific day, we do know that it’s just a matter of weeks now before The Kelly can make its historic move to the building with the “BEST view in Wetumpka”!

BEST view in Wetumpka from the new back door.

The outside has been painted, the interior has been washed down and vacuumed for painting, the outside porch has been tiled with non-slip, textured tile, new windows are in, a back door has been added. The electricity is on! It’s getting closer and closer. If you haven’t seen it in a while, stop by and take a peek–it’s absolutely amazing. Soon, this stunning location will be Kelly’s new home. Wouldn’t he be bursting with pride?

Kelly Fitzpatrick