Art Went Wild

…and the crowd was wild for the art. Several large canvases sold right away. The reception was packed. The food was delicious. And the big question is “Who and which painting will win the $10,000 prize, sponsored by LIV in the Alabama Wildlife Federation competition?” The winner won’t be announced until Nov. 10th. Meanwhile, you might make your bets……..Anyone up for a wager?

Lots of visitors, including the “littlest” one–Pepper (the black dog).

Pepper snags a ride with Mom

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here is a taste of the treats provided.

From antler ware to kissing squirrels, mallard ducks to butterflies, From hummingbirds to turkey toms, and mountain goats to dragonflies,

From tall giraffes to baby bears, hunting dogs to jumping fish, coiling snakes to running hares, to chipmunks, even jellyfish.

Come admire them all. You can even give an animal a new home. (You KNOW you want to!)

Floating Bear
Paintings by Dirk Walker

The Kelly Center for the Arts is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5 p.m. Free admission. It’s a nonprofit community gallery. Thanks for your support.