Vendors of Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival 2022

The Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival will feature a wide variety of vendors and their specialties. Art, books, duck and turkey calls, home décor, apparel, jewelry, sporting dogs, and so much more!

Interested in becoming a vendor?  Click here to find information about the 2022 Vendor Application.

Our 2022 Vendors

Below is our list of confirmed vendors so far, but be sure to keep an eye out as we add more to the list the closer we get to November 5th.

"Poised" by Sue Key, 60"x40". Sold.

Artisans & Merchants

We would like to thank each of our wonderful vendors who will be selling a wide array of amazing things that will delight everyone.

Please feel free to take sneak peak through all those coming to the festival.

Alabama Black Belt Adventures

Black Belt Adventures is a non-profit organization committed to outdoor recreation and tourism. They will be offering books and information about Alabama's recreational adventures.

Alabama Black Belt Adventures Activity

ABBAA will also be putting on an activity, so come create duckboxes!

Alabama Wildlife Federation

Established in 1935, AWF is a non-profit conservation organization who will provide wildlife information at their booth.

Andrew Lee Designs

Andrew G. Lee is a full-time professional wildlife and sporting artist, and he will be offering wildlife art and gifts.

Bett McLean

Bett McLean is a pottery artist, who will be offering her eye-catching pottery and handmade kitchenware.

Beverly Smith

Featuring the fine art oil paintings and artwork of Beverly Basham Smith, award winning wildlife artist.

Burgwin Studios

Handcrafted & uniquely designed jewelry by Burgwin Studios.

Carol Stewart

Carol Stewart is an artist who will be offering botanical pressings.

Christensen Creations

Libby Christensen has received over 150 awards in the Southeast for her photography and needlework. Using that specialty, Christensen Creations will be offering a variety of souvenirs, gifts, and artworks.

David Foote

David Foote is an accomplished wildlife (particularly birds) sculptor, having been carving for nearly 40 years. His artworks have been featured at the White House, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Audubon Society in Manhattan.

Dirk Walker

A prolific sporting and wildlife artist, Dirk Walker will be offering watercolors, oils, and painted whiskey bottles.

Dixie Creek Outdoors

Hunt your passion! Dixie Creek Outdoors will have a variety of clothing for sale.

Feather's Fly

Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.

Jeanie Edwards

Jeanie Edwards is an acrylic painter, and she will sell a variety of wildlife paintings.

Jim Denney

Jim Denney is a renowned and award-winning wildlife photographer and artist, and he will have his artworks for sale.

Joanne Staley

Joanne Staley is a talented, multi-medium artist who will be offering her paintings, silversmithing jewelry, and antler art.

John Perdue

John Perdue is an artist and sculptor, known best for his unusual yet masterful use of paper mache.

Kudzu Mama

Artist Beth Phillips uses kudzu to create one-of-a-kind art and home décor.

Meeks Block Prints

Mary Beth Meeks is a wood block printmaker who specializes in artworks of fish and wildlife. She will also be bring her tools to show how she makes each piece unique.

Mike Handley

Artist Mike Handley is a talented wildlife acrylic painter, and he will be selling both original paintings as well as prints.

Made by Molly

Recent high school graduate Molly Young bakes and decorates delicious cookies and sweets. Sure to delight your tastebuds!


Information coming soon. They will also be doing Fly-Fishing Knot Tying.

Quial Forever

Information coming soon.

Suncho Music

Interested in learning how to play an instrument? Visit Suncho Music for information on music lessons and instructions--and don't worry, they have coloring pages to distract the little ones while you ask questions!

The Locker Room

Information coming soon.

Timothy M. Joe

Timothy Joe is a self taught, representational artist from rural Alabama, and he will be selling a variety of oil paintings, watercolors, and pastel drawings.

Vaughan Pursell Spanjer

Vaughan Spanjer will have paitings and drawings inspired by nature and wildlife in various mediums: oil, acrylic, charcoal, and watercolor.

Wildrose Kennels

Wildrose Kennels will be doing sporting dog demonstrations throughout the festival, and they will have a merchandise booth as well.


We will also have food trucks to try from local eateries, so you'll be able to get a taste of Wetumpka among the festivities.

A beloved staple of Wetumpka cuisine, Grumpy Dog will have food ready and prepared for the festival.  While normally known for their hotdogs, Grumpy Dog will have a menu full of options that you won’t want to miss!

Learn more about Grumpy Dog here.

Love BBQ?  Then we have great news for you!  The Seared Beard will set up a food truck full of southern barbeque goodness with a delicious twist.

Learn more about Seared Beard here.

Everyone loves Mexican, and for good reason!  Los Mayas will be joining us with their wonderful array of food—¡Órale!

Learn more about Los Mayas here.

All this talk of fishing have your stomach growling?  Have no fear, The Wharf will be at the festival to satisfy your seafood cravings!  

Learn more about The Wharf here.

There’s always room in the dessert stomach, so make way for Frios pops!  They will have popsicles galore that will surely make you smile.

Learn more about Frios here.