Walls Are Up

The floor plan of our new building is GREAT! Our designers, Beth Coleman and Lucie Wadsworth, sure did a lot with a basic blank rectangle. I’m getting extremely excited now. I’ve been helping paint the walls. Before long, the contractors will be installing the special art lighting. Today’s LED lights are so much better than the old ones we had in my youth, though I must admit I really love to paint en plein air when I can. Have you seen the picture of me with my backpack?

I’m certainly not going to mess with the wiring–I don’t care to be electrified, but I just might try my hand at helping with the cabinets and appliances. I hear they’re on order. It’ll be wonderful to have a small kitchen for receptions. Have you seen that the new awning is up? It’s looking very commendable indeed, from inside out, but in the next month or so, it will really blossom like the spring. I’ll keep you posted

–Kelly Fitzpatrick