The Kelly in “Garden and Gun” Magazine

Yesterday, Garden & Gun wrote an article about Art Communities within the Southeast, and Wetumpka, Alabama was the first of their list! Wetumpka continues to make a name for itself in the visual arts, and we are thrilled to help our River Region arts community flourish. Here’s what Garden & Gun had to say:

“Another Wetumpka gallery inspired by the town’s natural landscapes is the Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery, which recently announced the Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival. The fest includes a series of classes, art exhibits, and expert demos by award-winning artisans including chef Chris Hastings, sporting and wildlife artist Dirk Walker, and Wildrose Kennels, the largest breeder, trainer, and importer of British and Irish Labradors in North America. The series celebration will take place intermittently from September 30 to November 17, with a signature daylong event on November 5 on the banks of the Coosa River.”

Jenny Sue Stubbs. “Small Towns with Big Art Scenes in the South,” in Garden & Gun. June 30, 2022.

We are especially pleased that news is traveling fast already of our Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival. With publications like this, we hope that our upcoming Wetumpka Wildlife Arts Festival draws quite the crowd and brings even more attention to our great community!

The full article is here below. Please feel free to read and learn about other regional Big Art Scenes.