Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery Store Volume 1

Once upon a time many years ago, Kelly Fitzpatrick, the memorial gallery, was born in Wetumpka.  He was held in the loving arms of the City Administration Building, where it was light and bright, and life was beautiful.  He grew up to be strong and happy there.

Then one winter day, a very wicked twister blew in, ravaging the town and destroying the police building.  What Kelly didn’t realize was that he, too, would be displaced because the police needed his space.  His friends on the Kelly Board all pitched in to help him move out.  They carried out all his belongings, his furnishings, paintings, and supplies. He was left homeless, sleeping on friends couches, but the Episcopal Church took pity on him and let him stay there. His friends came to meet him there.   All his possessions were in storage, but he was grateful to have a place to roost, just nowhere to call his own.

His friends on the Kelly Board looked high and low for a new home for Kelly.  Belyn Richardson, his realtor, kept her eye on every possible property that came available.  Wayne Turner, his attorney, looked into mortgages.  A whole committee inspected every possibility, close and far.  They looked at businesses and houses.  They even talked to owners of vacant lots and considered building from scratch.  No place felt right.  Wrong location, no parking, too big, too small, too run-down.

One fine day, things looked up. The Alabama Power building came on the market.  It seemed perfect, with parking and storage. Unfortunately, the cost was just too high.  Kelly was disappointed, but Alabama Power, being very kind and generous, took pity on Kelly, giving him a precious grant, enough for a nest egg.  Kelly was thrilled with the gift, but still disappointed because he couldn t find the right space.

Finally, the Chamber of Commerce stepped in and offered to let him rent the old bank building.  It was so beautiful, historic, with high ceilings and extra storage room, and it was right in the center of town.  He was very grateful indeed and happy to be part of the long history of the building.  His friends helped him settle in.

Then the big, bad Covid monstrosity came to town.  Just when Kelly was all excited and ready to host exhibits and receptions, his world locked down.  To make things worse, the Chamber wanted to sell the building, but it was just too expensive for him.   His budget just wouldn t stretch that far.  He was worried and afraid of being out in the streets again, maybe having to sleep in a car.  The Board members had no answer.  Everyone was sad.  They frowned behind their masks.

But one day a serendipitous miracle occurred!  Belyn, the realtor, ran into Pete Powers, a builder, and just happened to discuss Kelly s plight.  Pete had the answer.  He owned the old Austin s flower shop on Company Street.  It needed extensive repair, but the location was wonderful, in the center of town, yet fairly near parking.  With quick approval from the Board, Belyn negotiated a deal with Pete to buy the property and renovate it to Kelly s very own specs.  With his precious nest egg from Alabama Power and with several grants from the government due to Covid conditions, he had enough money to buy a new home outright with no mortgage.  He s now excited and happy again, knowing that he will have a home to call his own.

Believe in friends, patience, and sometimes a little miracle.  All will soon be well for Kelly, and thankfully, he s locked down and hasn’t gotten the coronavirus.  Not The End, just the beginning