Kelly Construction Continues Apace

That pace is a quick pace! The Kelly’s “new” old building is located in the free-standing building to the left as you face Coaches Corner (or what locals know as the former driver’s license office). It is three times the size of our current building, but when we acquired it, it was totally gutted in the inside: no walls, concrete floors, empty space.

However, in the past couple of months, things have changed. According to Beth Coleman, The Kelly’s volunteer interior designer, “The building interior walls are up and waiting on sheet rock. Electrical work has been done, and track lighting is being installed.” She adds that “Kitchen cabinets are currently being made, and appliances are on order.” It’s beginning to grow some walls, shape and character!

With extra space, there is room for a children’s workspace and a dedicated museum shop, which Director Jennifer Eifert is very excited about. Sales can really go a long way toward paying the bills, she explains. She’s also particularly thrilled about the walls cut out in the back of the building. Hanging on the side of the cliff beside the Coosa River, the new Kelly will have huge picture windows with a perfect view of the bridge.

When will we be able to move in? That the $100,000 question. No one knows exactly, but there’s hope that it could be as early as March. Jennifer says she’s ready to move the minute it’s cleared for occupancy, and she just might pitch a tent outside the night before! So much more space, more storage, more room to hang, more parking, and a glorious view. The mortgage is paid off, too. What’s not to love? Much thanks to Kelly President Belyn Richardson, The Kelly’s great sponsors, and the active Board of Directors who are making this dream come true!

Looking all the way through The New Kelly
to the picture window area in back