Kelly Board Juggling Jobs

So much to do this month and so exciting! Everyone is pitching in. We have a Premier Party coming up soon and a Grand Opening once the New Kelly is ready. Board Member Wayne Turner has been working as a liaison with the contractor for the “new facilities” as we call the new old building. Board Member Beth Coleman and her partner Lucie Wadsworth have been busy working on renovation design and decor, and Board Member Justin Edwards, Esq., has kept his eye on all the legal issues involved in the purchase of the property, which were complicated.

There will be a reception for the Home and Hearth Exhibit April 11th, to be held on a Sunday afternoon as a tea party. Sponsor and Recording Secretary Libby Christensen worked with Curator Carol Hickman to prepare 11-page booklets with descriptions of over 100 items on exhibit, and along with new contract employee Jennifer Eifert and her sons and several other volunteers, they worked very hard to display everything. Libby gave a Tuesday with Kelly talk recently about quilting as art, and she also edits the Kelly Canvas magazine, due to come out soon.

President Belyn Richardson has been shepherding all the many grants The Kelly has received, several of which she’s been directly responsible for, and making sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Meanwhile, VP Linda Lewis has been busy working with a website builder to update and streamline our website. She and Carol Hickman and the new intern, Alyssa Spalding have all worked on updating the history of The Kelly, and member Judy Ruffer continues working on the scrapbook.

New Treasurer Erin Rogers has collaborated with past treasurer and current Board Member Barbara Bennett and President Belyn Richardson to work out a streamlined budget and new spreadsheets. They have also worked with new Corresponding Secretary Lynda Fain to learn to effectively use our new Bloomerang software for tracking membership, donations, and correspondence.

Special Events Chair Charlotte Whetstone is busy planning parties and receptions, with help from Treasurer Erin Rogers. Jennifer Eifert and Carol Hickman will be hanging a temporary exhibit in the new facilities soon, and the two of them recently traveled to Florida to pick up a huge art donation. In May, there will be a new exhibit called The Folks, so they are working now to get it organized.

In the meantime, The Kelly has opened up on Thursday and Friday afternoons, thanks to Jennifer Eifert and Alyssa Spalding. Carol Hickman has also rounded up volunteers to have it open on Saturday afternoons as well.

With the new building and new exhibits and receptions, there is a ton of work, but every Board member is working hard, and they are thrilled to have extra volunteers to share the burden. Can you juggle? If so, we could use your help!