Kelly Attracts Mad Hatters

We took in visitors off the streets, some of whom looked as if they really need some tea–or something. In fact, we seem to have gotten Charlie Lucas’ Social Security Lady to join us. She’s looking a bit run-down. However, others were quite la-ti-dah in their ready-for-the-races hats. Hats ranged from a perky Parisian beret to fancy British-royalty-inspired to a top hat! The “tea” was absolutely fabulous, complete with freshly baked scones, a choice of tiny sandwiches, cookies, and choice of Engish Harrogate tea or Earl Grey–if you missed it, too bad!

What was this? Our Mad Hatter Tea Party was part of the Tim Burton birthday celebration in Wetumpka during the last week in August in honor of his movie Alice in Wonderland. No, you don’t HAVE to wear a hat, but it’s sure fun if you do!

Photos above by LJ Christensen

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