Is Quilting an Art?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. When quilting is done with kits or with a traditional pattern, it should probably be considered a craft. However, when used as an integral part of a unique fabric design, it can definitely be considered art. Libby Christensen proves this with her repeated awards for quilts at art competitions, including two Best of Shows. As The Kelly’s first Artist-in-Residence, she is sharing some of her award-winning designs. She has over 100 of her original patterns for sale on line at , but she explains that those are far simpler designs that can easily be followed by any sewist. Her art quilts are more complex, often with 3D embellishments.

“Bloody Wicked Twister” art quilt by Libby Christensen

For the next two weeks, as Artist-in-Residence, Libby has scheduled several classes every day. For those beginners who are interested in learning to quilt, she has scheduled three times for Quilting 101. She’ll begin with step-by-step instructions in how to cut and piece basic blocks. It continues with Quilting 102, where she shows how to actually machine-quilt and a quick way to add a true quilt binding. Fabric is supplied–just bring a sewing machine, pins, and scissors (and a rotary cutter/mat if you have one). For the more advanced, she offers some simple tricks in piecing curves and shares the traditional “Apple Core” pattern. Easily learn to sew these blocks:

If you prefer a craft to a quilt, she has a class in making bowls out of macrame cord, thread and magic. She supplies all three, but you’ll need to bring a sewing machine with zigzag capability. If you don’t have a machine, try the class in making Fabric Yoyos by hand. She has fabric, needles and thread ready to go. Easier than it looks!

OK, don’t sew and don’t want to sew??? You’re still covered! Libby has a class in quick, FUSIBLE applique. Again, fabric and paper-backed fusible web are supplied, but you need to bring scissors and an iron. If you can cut paper dolls, you can fuse fabric designs. Just do it!

The first class is right after Tuesday with Kelly on August 15. Walk-ins are welcome! Otherwise, check the schedule and call The Kelly to reserve a spot (334) 478-3366. One-hour classes are $25, but Kelly members get a 10% discount. Teens are welcome, too, and several classes have been purposely scheduled after school hours. Also, Libby will have demos every afternoon for the next two weeks, so feel free to come by!

“The Quilts at Poppy Lane Farm” by L. Christensen, “Best in Show” Prattauga Art Guild 2023

Quilting 101–3:30 Aug 17 Thurs,   12:00 Aug 19 Sat, 12:00 Aug 23 Tues

Quilting 102–3:30 Aug 18 Fri, 2:30 Aug 19 Sat, 2:30 Aug 23 Wed

Quilting Curves–1:00 Aug 18 Fri, 3:30 Aug 25 Fri

Machine-Sewn Thread Bowls–3:00 Aug 15 Tues (after Fused Fabric Art and TWK),   12:00 Aug 24 Thur

NO-SEW Fused Fabric Art–1:30 Aug 15 Tues (after TWK), 3:30 Aug 22 Tues, 1:00 Aug 26 Sat

HAND-SEWN Fabric Yoyos–1:00 Aug 17 Thurs, 1:00 Aug 22 Tuesday












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