Roots of Hope

Roots of Hope

Exhibition Open: April 4, 2024
Exhibition Closed: April 30, 2024

Troy-Tutwiler Gardening & Art Program

The Kelly will be exhibiting artwork from the Troy-Tutwiler Gardening & Art Program!

About the Program

Dr. Sharon Everhardt and Dr. Stephen Carmody of Troy University created a partnership program in January 2019 with the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka called the Troy-Tutwiler Garden Program. The goal of the program is to educate the incarcerated women of Tutwiler about horticulture and nutrition through a 15-week course on the Fundamentals of Gardening, and upon finishing, Troy University offers a Certificate of Completion to the incarcerated participants.

In 2021, given the program’s success, organizers expanded the program to include the visual arts. Art and Design lecturer Dr. Kelly Berwager led the first painting class that fall, and she continues to teach art to Tutwiler participants today. We thank her for orchestrating this art exhibition showing the growth and hope of Tutwiler women.