“Pokv-Hvcce” A Gathering at the River

“Pokv-Hvcce” A Gathering at the River

Exhibition Open: September 17, 2021
Exhibition Closed: November 22, 2021

The Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery (The Kelly) is excited to present an exhibit celebrating the proud native heritage and history of Alabama Natives. Their heritage will be exhibited through their artifacts, tools, clothing, and art. The Creek Indian word Pokv-Hvcee, means " A gathering at the river." According to legend, The Dixie Art Colony was called "Poka Hutchi." The Creek Indian linguist in Poarch, AL researched the name and discovered it may be the English spelling of Pokv-Hvcee. The art colonists may have given the colony this name because the artists lived in primitive conditions by Lake Jordan fed by the Coosa River. The Dixie Art Colony was founded by our namesake Kelly Fitzpatrick along with his friends Sallie B. Carmichael, Warree Carmichael LeBron, and Frank Applebee.

The new exhibit features artifacts from eight recognized Alabama tribes and includes arrowheads, ceremonial fans, weapons, and tribal clothing, local art and handmade busts. Visit the The Kelly and Explore Alabama's Tribal Heritage open Tuesday - Saturday 10a-5p.

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