If not, HURRY because the tickets for this prestigious event are ALMOST sold out!  (check at The Gallery–as of Monday, Feb 14, there were 9 couple’s tickets–$200 per couple.) THANKS so much for your support!  The proceeds will help keep the doors open!

This Kelly Fundraiser on March 1 is going to be just great. Along with the music, there will be scrumptious food. Wind Creek Casino/Hospitality is donating the refreshments as well as the penthouse suite. There will be fun and games with the mask contest–incognito, some judges will be quietly circulating to decide on the finalists. Get your mask ready! AND talk about door prizes!!! EVERY couple gets the opportunity to select from a range of art. (Yes, singles get a chance, too!) What treasures have been donated for this? Here are a few just to whet your appetite–everyone goes home with a work of art! If you have something to donate, please take it to the gallery before the end of the month. The more, the merrier!