Engage, Inspire, and Advance the Visual Arts.

The mission of the Kelly Fitzpatrick Center for the Arts is to engage, inspire, and educate artists and the public at large by promoting local and regional visual arts through the collection, recognition, documentation, and the publication of relevant works of American art.

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Kelly’s #1
Have you heard about it? NO? Well, come and ask Jennifer or Alyssa for the news!! We're #1!!! YEA!!!…
Don’t Forget the Kids!
An art gallery is NOT just for adults. The Kelly reaches out to the youngsters, even the youngest. Art Start is designed for pre-school. No fee, no registration. Just bring them and watch them lov…
Ancora Imparo
Attributed to Michelangelo, in Italian, this simply means "I continue to learn." If this is true for YOU, you might be interested in some of The Kelly's new classes. Always check the calendar of E…

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